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Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Total Points  
Rank: 1 Name: South Whidbey South Campus 5/6 Teams: UwU gang LaVassar Science Period 2,3,4,5,6 teammates: 79 Total Points: 13343  
Rank: 2 Name: Seattle Aquarium Teams: Seattle Aquarium teammates: 53 Total Points: 12164  
Rank: 3 Name: The Salish Sea School Teams: The Salish Sea School's Guardians of the Sea teammates: 35 Total Points: 10712  
Rank: 4 Name: Kitsap Conservation District Teams: Kitsap Conservation District teammates: 27 Total Points: 8127  
Rank: 5 Name: NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region Teams: NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region teammates: 43 Total Points: 7159  
Rank: 6 Name: Whatcom Conservation District Teams: Whatcom Conservation District teammates: 47 Total Points: 6877  
Rank: 7 Name: Sound Water Stewards of Island County Teams: Sound Water Stewards teammates: 37 Total Points: 6411  
Rank: 8 Name: Pierce Conservation District Teams: Pierce Conservation District teammates: 39 Total Points: 6270  
Rank: 9 Name: King Conservation District Teams: King Conservation District teammates: 32 Total Points: 4174  
Rank: 10 Name: Snohomish Conservation District Teams: Snohomish Conservation District teammates: 19 Total Points: 2254  
Rank: 11 Name: Puget Sound Partnership Teams: Puget Sound Partnership teammates: 20 Total Points: 1706  
Rank: 12 Name: Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society Teams: Clayoquot Biosphere Region teammates: 7 Total Points: 1399  
Rank: 13 Name: City of Tacoma Teams: Environmental Services Department teammates: 14 Total Points: 1241  
Rank: 14 Name: City of Woodinville Teams: City of Woodinville teammates: 2 Total Points: 1105  
Rank: 15 Name: Teams: Community Team teammates: 23 Total Points: 1087  
Rank: 16 Name: Whidbey Island Conservation District Teams: Whidbey Island Conservation District teammates: 12 Total Points: 1052  
Rank: 17 Name: City of Maple Valley Teams: Maple Valley loves Orcas teammates: 7 Total Points: 976  
Rank: 18 Name: Whale Scout Teams: Team Whale Scout teammates: 19 Total Points: 924  
Rank: 19 Name: Puyallup River Watershed Council Teams: Puyallup River Watershed Council teammates: 8 Total Points: 887  
Rank: 20 Name: Thurston Conservation District Teams: Thurston Conservation District teammates: 10 Total Points: 879  
Rank: 21 Name: Family and friends Teams: Team Orca teammates: 4 Total Points: 870  
Rank: 22 Name: Citizens for a Healthy Bay Teams: Citizens for a Healthy Bay teammates: 4 Total Points: 820  
Rank: 23 Name: Innovation Lab High School Teams: Climate Action Club teammates: 12 Total Points: 533  
Rank: 24 Name: Mason Conservation District Teams: Mason Conservation District teammates: 6 Total Points: 503  
Rank: 25 Name: Poulsbo Middle School Teams: Earth Stewards Club teammates: 4 Total Points: 267  
Rank: 26 Name: Olympic View Elementary School Teams: Olympic View Orcas Olympic View Elementary Orcas teammates: 4 Total Points: 236  
Rank: 27 Name: Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group Teams: Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group teammates: 5 Total Points: 217  
Rank: 28 Name: Orca Conservancy Teams: Orca Conservancy teammates: 3 Total Points: 193  
Rank: 29 Name: BetterGround Teams: Youth Makes BetterGround teammates: 3 Total Points: 150  
Rank: 30 Name: Palouse Conservation District Teams: Palouse Conservation District teammates: 2 Total Points: 97