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Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
Share thoughts, encourage others, and reinforce positive new habits on the Feed.

To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

    Nature Leave No Trace
    Educator Stephanie Kaza advises her students to focus on what they care about most when addressing the enormity of ecological problems. Is there a specific area you feel particularly called to work on?

    Shannon Bly's avatar
    Shannon Bly 10/19/2020 7:26 AM
    I think the area I fell most drawn to is pollinator habitat, because not only is it important to the food supply, but it is something that everyone, no matter what their living situation, can connect to and interact with in their living spaces. Connection to nature and feeling like we're a part of the environment, rather than seeing the environment as part of human civilizations, is the most meaningful step to addressing the problems we face.
    Waste Use Reusable Bags
    What do you do if you find yourself in the situation of needing a bag for items but don't have a reusable one with you? Carry things out in your hands? In a cart? Accept a disposable one? If you find yourself in this position often, what system could you put in place to try to create a successful habit of not using plastic bags?

    Shannon Bly's avatar
    Shannon Bly 10/19/2020 7:23 AM
    If it's a small amount of items, I can carry them out in my arms. I also keep a reusable bag -in-a-bag in my purse. When I go to Bellingham, where there is a plastic bag ban, I m often faced with this problem and end up carrying my items or buying a paper bag.

  • Christina Bromme's avatar
    Christina Bromme 10/10/2020 7:14 PM
    Picked up take - out food trash on Parker Rd.

  • Shannon Bly's avatar
    Shannon Bly 10/05/2020 9:20 AM
    Today is the start of our Ecochallenge! So excited to get started. Please share any challenges or successes here with our team and we can help each other complete our actions. Have fun!

  • Matthew C. Long's avatar
    Matthew C. Long 10/01/2020 8:18 PM
    Hi all! I'm here on an effort to stay as informed as possible about WICD'S ecological work and occasionally participate in volunteer opportunities. Take care!

  • Shannon Bly's avatar
    Shannon Bly 9/23/2020 1:23 PM
    Hi  everyone! I'm excited to have you on the WICD team - post your own hello here!